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Zen Kirishima


Zen Kirishima






Japun Department's editor-in-chief


Takafumi Yokozawa


June 16



Voiced by

Tōru Furuya


Hiyori Kirishima - Daughter

Sakura Kirishima - Wife (Deceased)

Zen Kirishima is one of the supporting characters of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. He is the editor for the famous Manga "The Kan." He is voiced by Tōru Furuya.


Kirishima has brown hair and matching colored eyes and a fair skin tone. He is briefly seen in the anime wearing a business suit and attire. However, in the manga, he is usually in casual atire like the Emerald Division. 


He is shown to be quite calm and relaxed, although he is quite honest with his personal opinion. He is also cheerful and sympathetic. Despite the intensity of his work, Kirishima doesn't appear to be easily stressed in contrast to other fellow co-workers, who often go crazy due to the high pressured environment. However, when it comes to his relationship with Yokozawa, he is quite prone to being quite possessive and jealous. 


Takafumi YokozawaEdit

According to Kirishima, he was attracted to Yokozawa due to his proud yet down-to-earth personality from the time they first met during a meeting, immediately drawn to him. Following this, he kept Yokozawa "under observation". He later says that he had actually been attracted to Yokozawa during this time, but just failed to realize it then. 

After Yokozawa was rejected by his best friend and ex-lover Takano Masamune, Kirishima saw a drunk Yokozawa at a bar and headed inside. He says that he initially left due to Yokozawa's drunken state, but changed his mind and came back inside. He then spent the remainder of the night listening to him lament and cry about his rejection. He said it was this moment that sparked his realization that he was actually attracted to him all along. After spending the night at a hotel, although Kirishima later reveals nothing sexual happened (but wanted Yokozawa to wonder if it did), Kirishima blackmails Yokozawa into being his "servant". This being with him threatening to show their co-workers what he claimed to be embarassing pictures of him. This consisted of Yokozawa often going out for drinks with him, which soon grew into him spending time at Kirishima's house while also growing close to his daughter, Hiyori.

Not long afterwards, and after Yokozawa finally moved past his former love for Takano, the two realize they have genuine feelings for each other and become a couple. However, Yokozawa makes Kirishima promise not tell Hiyori about it until she is of a more proper age to learn about it. Despite having a calm and collected exterior, Kirishima is quite possesive and prone to jealousy to the point that he even becomes jealous of his own daughter. In contrast to Yokozawa, Kirishima's childish and straight-forward personality occasionly flusters Yokozawa, where he playfully teases him on him blushing, which he finds cute and adorable. 

Hiyori KirishimaEdit

Hiyori is Kirishima's ten-year-old daughter. Her mother died when she was a baby and, thus, she holds no recollection of who she is. After being widowed, Kirishima invested all his time in caring for her. He had never put much - if any - thought into re-marrying following his wife's death until Yokozawa suggests the idea, much to Kirishima's anger. After going on a few dates, he fails to have a connection with any woman and he realizes that Yokozawa should be Hiyori's "mother".

Kirishima is shown to have a strong protective side for his daughter, not wanting any harm to come to her. He also dreads the idea that, as Hiyori grows older, she will want to spend less time with him as she becomes more independent and entering the world on her own. It is shown that he only has a select few who he completely trusts with her care, such as his parents and Yokozawa. 

Sakura KirishimaEdit

Sakura is the deceased wife of Kirishima. She and Kirishima were classmates and often failed to get along, until they eventually realized it is because they liked one another. They dated and soon got married when older. Sakura's health proved to be an issue for her and having a child was strongly not recommended, but she refused and went onto have a baby anyway. As a result, her health began to deteriorate following giving birth and she soon died shortly after Hiyori was born. 

Because of Kirishima's strong history with Sakura, Yokozawa often felt guilty whenever he spent time at Kirishima's house and his role in the family's lives. He felt as though he was an inadequate replacement for Sakura, believing that she was meant to be there and not him. Kirishima assured him that he is not a replacement, saying he will always love Sakura, but that she is gone and he needed to move forward in his life. Despite this, Yokozawa occasionally feels as though he's intruding in a place he doesn't belong. Kirishima describes Sakura as a woman of very strong character and very hard-headed.


  • In the light novels, he implies that he is pansexual. When asked by Yokozawa about his sexual orientation, Kirishima says that he is simply attracted to strong willed and stubborn people regardless of gender. This would match up with his romantically pursuing his late wife Sakura and boyfriend Yokozawa, whom have both been described with such character traits. 
  • He is shown to be easily prone to jealousy when it comes to his relationship with Yokozawa, even getting jealous of his own daughter (much to Yokozawa's annoyance).
  • He is terrible at cooking, which led Hiyori to quickly learn cooking skills to make meals for her and her father.
  • Like Takano and Yokozawa, he also smokes.

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