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Zen Kirishima
Zen Kirishima


Zen Kirishima






Japun Department's editor-in-chief


Takafumi Yokozawa


June 16

Voiced by

Tōru Furuya


Hiyori Kirishima - Daughter

Sakura Kirishima - Wife (Deceased)

Zen Kirishima is one of the supporting characters of Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi. He is the editor for the famous Manga "The Kan." He is voiced by Tōru Furuya.


Kirishima has brown hair, brown eyes and a fair skin tone. He is breifly seen in the anime wearing a business suit, but in the books, he is usually in casual atire like the Emerald Division. 


Takafumi YokozawaEdit

According to Kirishima he was attracted to Yokozawa due to his proud yet down-to-earth personality since they first met during a meeting.  After Yokozawa was rejected by his best friend and ex-lover Takano Masamune, Kirishima meets a drunk Yokozawa at a bar, and spends the night listening to him rant about his rejection.  After spending the night at a hotel, Kirishima blackmailed Yokozawa into being his "servant" by threatening to show their coworkers embarassing pictures of him.  Not long afterwards, the two realized they geniuely have feelings for each other and became a couple, although Yokozawa made Kirishima promise not tell his daughter Hiyori about it. Despite having a calm and collected exterior, Kirishima is quite possesive and prone to jealousy to the point that he even becomes jealous of his own daughter. In contrast to Yokozawa, Kirishima's childish and straight-forward personality occasionly flusters Yokozawa, where he playfully teases him on him blushing.

Hiyori KirishimaEdit

Hiyori is Kirishima's ten-year-old daughter. After the death of her mother, Kirishima never really tried to remarry until Yokozawa suggest the idea. After going on a few dates, he realizes that Yokozawa should be Hiyori's "mother."

Hiyori and Yokozawa are very close; they cook dinner together when Yokozawa manages to get out of the office early, and he does her hair and helps her with her homework. This is this main reasons Kirishima likes to refer to Yokozawa as a mother.

Hiyori calls Yokozawa Onii-chan--meaning older brother in Japanese. Hiyori is quite found to him, and Kirishima has used this to his advantage. He knows that Yokozawa has a soft spot for Hiyori and would do almost anything for her; this includes spending the night. 

Sakura Kirishima Edit

Sakura is the deceased wife of Kirishima. She died when Hiyori was very young. At some point Yokozawa feels as though he is an inadequate replacement for Sakura but Kirishima assures him that he is not even after this though Yokozawa occasionally feels as though he's intruding in a place he doesn't belong. Kirishima describes Sakura as a women of very strong character and very hard headed. They met in high school and after graduating they rushed into marriage.

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