Yasuda Gou is a close friend and coworker of Zen Kirishima at Marukawa Publishing. He works in anime production department and is described as the greatest, most sought-after anime producer in the entire company. He is also the producer of "The Kan" animation movie; anime adaptation of hit manga "The Kan" written by Kyo Ijuuin and edited by Zen Kirishima. He only appears in the light novel Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai

Appearence Edit

In light novel, Yasuda has glossy black hair so skillfully set that it almost looked like a wig. He wore frameless glasses which accentuated the graceful shape of his face and his slender nose. He is about as tall as Takafumi Yokozawa but gave off complete opposite impression from intimidating Yokozawa; whose nickname is 'Wild Bear'. He emitted the same graceful aura as his close friend, Kirishima. While his actual age is in mid-30s, he could easily pass for early 20s, but nonetheless, carried himself with an air that none of the young recruits in the company could have pulled off. Yokozawa remarked this fact as being 'charismatic'. He also further noted that no one could possibly turn down Yasuda's requests if he smiled.

Personality Edit

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