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Yanase Yuu


Yuu Yanase


柳瀬 優





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Manga-Ka Assistant


Chiaki Yoshino (Crush) Henna Melissa Yuna Kim (Girlfriend)

Voiced by

Hiroshi Kamiya

Anime and Manga Debut

Episode 5

Yanase Yuu is a supporting of characters in the anime Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. He is voiced by Hiroshi 

Yanase yuu by kawaiiaprilx3-d4k38nl

Yanase Yuu



Yuu has medium shaded brown hair and light maroon eyes. He is also seen to wear glasses when he's working in the manga.


Hatori YoshiyukiEdit

Yuu has known Hatori since junior high. Automatically, the two do not have a very good relationship. Everytime they meet, there will be a tension between them which is easily noticed, yet pretend to get along for Chiaki's sake. The reason for why they don't get along is because they are both in love with Chiaki. Even though Hatori dislikes Yuu, he respects his skills as a mangaka's assistant and will not hesitate to ask him for help in matters regarding Chiaki.

Yuu profile

Yanase Yuu's profile.

Chiaki Yoshino Edit

Yuu has known Chiaki since junior high. It is known that Yuu has a crush on Chiaki; however, Chiaki only considers him as a good friend. They quarrel quite often. Chiaki would always rely on Yuu, saying that Yuu always does things correctly. 

Henna Melissa Yuna Kim Edit

Hanna without armor

Yanase Yuu's Girlfriend in High School and Until Now

Yuu's girlfriend in High School and she is very friendly back in High School she used to Be the girlfriend of Takano Masamune until he cheated on her with another girl and she didn't like it one bit so she slapped him on the face and then broke with takano and she Moved on and then started dating Yanase Yuu and she is very happy with Yuu Now and as more she could ever imagine in her entire life and someday he would propose to her and he would make her his Fiancee and she really love Yanase So much......

Trivia Edit

  • Yuu dislikes sweet foods
  • Like Chiaki, Yuu is a fan of the "Za Kan" manga series by Ijuuin Kyo (from Junjou Romantica).
  • Yuu is also a manga assistant of Ijuuin Kyo.
  • Yuu/Chiaki is referred to as "Rejectica" due to the nature of Chiaki's feelings towards Yuu.


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