Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi is the spin off series of Junjou Romantica, and a lot of things are very similar. Though, there are also a lot of things that are very different. For example, the setting, the characters, and the situations that cause the relationships, but I can not help but think that the couples in Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi are very similar to the ones in Junjou Romantica.

Tananko and Ritsu have a strange realtionship, but the fact is that no matter how many times Ritsu says "no" Tanako doesn't listen and Ritsu (himself) doesn't really mean no. (Usagi-san and Misaki)

Yukina and Kisa are very far apart in statis but Yukina wants to be like Kisa and always want to keep him happy, no matter how much trouble it may cause him. (Nowaki and Hiroki)

Tori and Chiaki........their looks......

Tori and Chiaki are very similar in some areas but Chiaki doesn't want to admit that he loves Tori even though he has confessed more then once and does things (accidently) that cause Tori to have conflicting thoughts. (Miyagi and Shinobi)

(I know those don't all match up with the Junjou Romantica Couples I put there, but these were not exactly very easy to look for...)

I know the authors did a great job making these two awesome yaoi stories but when I look at the two, its so hard not to compare, so which one is the better couples and from which shows?