Why Girls Love Yaoi?^^

    There have been countless discussions online about why, exactly, girls are so damn into  yaoi and/or slash. I've been a part of many of them-- I even explored it in-depth at  The Escapist --and more recently, ANN's " Chicks On Anime" panel discussed the topic as well. However, all of us pretty much talk about it from a purely psychological standpoint.
But here's an interesting factoid that I just pulled out of a book that I've been reading, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex. On page 253 of the paperback version, author (and journalist) Mary Roach says: 

"A series of studies by Meredith Chivers and colleagues at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto showed that...women, both gay and straight, will show immediate genital arousal (as measured by a photoplethysmograph) in response to films of sexual activity, regardless of who is engaging in it-- male, female, gay, straight, good hair or bad. Men, contrary to stereotype, tend to respond in a limited manner; they are aroused only by footage that fits their sexual orientation and interests." Now, this is in a section of the book that discusses the fact that what arouses a woman physically may not be what arouses her mentally, in stark contrast to most men. How'd they test it? Well, to go further in depth than you probably want me to: a woman has a photoplethysmograph inserted into her vagina, which measures the amount of arousal via amount of lubrication (which trickles through the vaginal walls when more blood is sent down that-away, if you weren't aware), and she also has an "arousometer" in her hand, with which she says how aroused she thinks she is by the material being watched.

In other words, the fact that straight and gay women respond physically to BL does NOT mean that they have some kind of innate taste for the stuff. It seems to me, however, that given this information, it's not so surprising that some significant number of women, once exposed to boy-on-boy material in a positive setting (aimed at their market, probably shown to them by a friend, etc), would move from only physical reaction to psychological as well. 

Of course, this is no definitive answer to the age-old "why girls like yaoi" question, but it's certainly an additional piece to the puzzle.

            Those information are from: Anime Vice :3

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