Tinkle (ティンクル, Tinkuru) is the name of the mascot of the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series.


Tinkle takes the form of a small, white rabbit with dot eyes, its mouth open, and an upside nose. Tinkle has pink angel wings, wears maroon socks, and is almost always seen holding a star wand in its right hand. Even if Tinkle is not holding its wand, its right hand will still be raised up.


Tinkle regularly appears in advertising for the manga series and is prominent in the anime openings. In the anime, Tinkle casually appears during a break section, or is included in the anime wearing different clothing. During each episode, in where the scene is currently taking place, Tinkle will appear in the break section either wearing an outfit to represent the episode, or will just be wearing nothing. Tinkle also appears on the covers of the manga volumes, between Masamune and Ritsu, or as being held by one of the two.


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