Sasaki (佐々木, Sasaki) is a minor character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. He works in printing at Marukawa Publishing.


Sasaki has light spiky hair, and he is taller than Ritsu and shorter than Takano.

In the anime adaptation, Sasaki has dark spiky hair and brown eyes, and he is shorter than Ritsu.


Sasaki is very anxious when Ritsu is late with the manuscript and exclaims, "You're late! Way too late!" when Ritsu finally arrives 35 minutes late. He seems devoted to his work as he dashes off immediately to print once Takano hands him the manuscript.


When Ritsu Onodera first begins working for Marukawa, he and Masamune Takano assist a mangaka who misses her deadline. On the way to assist her, Takano calls someone on his cellphone. Not much of this conversation is shown in the manga, but in the anime, he speaks with Sasaki, telling him that they won't be able to make the deadline. Ritsu isn't certain who he's speaking to at the time and thinks it might be the mangaka again. It's revealed later that Takano negotiated with Sasaki to bring in the manuscript the following morning, giving the mangaka more time. Although Sasaki speaks with Takano on the phone, his words aren't heard and he is unseen.

Sasaki is first seen later when Ritsu brings in Yukina Mutou's manuscript late. Mutou's entire team has caught the flu, so Ritsu flies to Hokkaido to help her finish the manuscript and is supposed to be back by 9 for printing. That evening, Sasaki waits with Takano and Takafumi Yokozawa in the Emerald editing department. Ritsu arrives around 35 minutes late and Sasaki exclaims, "You're late!" Takano quickly looks over the manuscript, grilling Ritsu on the checks, before handing it to Sasaki, who runs it to print.

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  • In Adversity Makes a Man Wise (s01e04), Takano calls Sasaki by his name in dialogue at about 14:20, but the official translation on Crunchyroll does not include his name in the subtitles.
  • Sasaki is not named in the manga, and he is only given a name in the anime adaptation.


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