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Saeki (佐伯, Saeki) is a supporting character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. She used to work with Ritsu Onodera at Onodera Publishing, and currently works with Arata Haitani at Shuudansha.


Saeki has short brown hair that ends below her chin. She has bangs that cover her brows.


Saeki used to edit literature at Onodera Publishing, where she worked with Ritsu. While Ritsu was accused of favoritism by many of his coworkers at the company, Saeki was not one who did so and she always treated him fairly. Sometime later, she began working at Shuudansha to edit manga instead.


Ritsu runs into Saeki at Marimo Books while looking for shoujo manga, and the two go out for drinks to catch up. They've both left literature to work on manga, and Saeki vents about how difficult mangaka can be. Masamune Takano walks past their table before continuing on to meet with Erika Ichinose. Saeki is upset that she didn't get the chance to give Takano her card because he's such a talented editor, and she tells Ritsu a bit about what she's heard about him.

Saeki and Ritsu run into each other again later, which is how Ritsu meets her Shuudansha co-worker Arata Haitani.


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