Ryouichi Sumi (角遼一, Sumi Ryouichi) is a supporting character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. He is a famous author whose novels were edited by Ritsu Onodera, and he encourages Ritsu to return to literature.


Sumi and Hasegawa ep11

Sumi and Hasegawa

Sumi is an older man with grey hair and brown eyes. He wears glasses and uses a walking cane. When he runs into Ritsu, he is wearing kimono, and socks with sandals.


Sumi is a well-established author who has been publishing for many years. Ritsu used to be his editor at Onodera Publishing. Though Hasegawa is now his current editor at Marukawa Publishing.


Ritsu runs into Sumi ep11

Ritsu greeting Sumi

Ritsu runs into Sumi at Marukawa Publishing where Sumi is meeting with his editor Hasegawa. Sumi is surprised to learn that Ritsu has gone into editing manga when his heart was clearly in literature, and he encourages Ritsu to return to editing literature. Sumi introduces Ritsu to Hasegawa and tells Hasegawa that Ritsu is the heir to Onodera Publishing, which embarrasses Ritsu. Ritsu introduces Sumi to Takano, and Sumi tells Takano not to keep Ritsu for too long since Ritsu is more suited for literature. Sumi's taxi arrives, and Ritsu, Hasegawa, and Takano see him off.

Hasegawa later brings a stack of Sumi's novels to Ritsu to read. Ritsu looks over the newest book, thinking of all the editing work and decisions that went into it, and reminisces about how much he enjoyed editing literature.

This all reminds Ritsu of his goals when he first applied to Marukawa, which leads Ritsu to make a choice of whether to stay in the Emerald department or transfer to edit literature.

Junjou RomanticaEdit

Ryouichi Sumi has a son, Keiichi Sumi, who is a supporting character in the Junjou Romantica series. Keiichi is a university student and friend of the series' protagonist Misaki Takahashi. Akihiko Usami once tracks down Keiichi and Misaki because his connections to the publishing industry allow him to get Ryouichi Sumi's home address.

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