This unnamed man is a minor character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. Following a one night stand, he aggressively pursues a relationship with Shouta Kisa.


This character has brown hair and dark blue eyes. Kisa thinks he's attractive. He wears a suit.


This character had a one night stand with Shouta Kisa. According to Kisa, he liked him because of his appearance and agreed to sleep with him one night, but also made it clear that he was uninterested in having a relationship.

The man seemed to understand at the time, but later began calling and texting Kisa constantly to try to start a relationship. Kisa insisted that he was still uninterested, but the man remained persistent.


When Kisa goes to Marimo Books, he is stopped by this character, who claims to love Kisa and he wants them to be together. Kisa backs away, saying that they had sex once a long time ago and it will never happen again, but the man gets more aggressive and nearly violent. When he is about to hit Kisa, he is stopped by Kou Yukina, who asks if something is wrong. The man says no, smirks at Kisa, then walks out of the bookstore.

One day later, the man finds out that Kisa is in love with Yukina just for his face. The man tells Kisa that he still loves him and he will never break up with him. Yukina arrives, knocks the man to the ground, and tells him leave Kisa alone. The man leaves after telling Kisa that he will never forget this.

When Yukina finds Kisa at a cafe, he tells Kisa that the man mistook him as a different person, though Kisa doesn't believe what Yukina says about that.


  • This character is referenced in the credits as otoko (男), which means man. This is commonly used for unnamed male characters.

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