Onodera Publishing (小野寺出版, Onodera Shuppan) is a publishing company owned by the Onodera family. 


Ritsu Onodera first worked as an editor at Onodera Publishing, which is his father's publishing company. When he first joined, he was assigned to manage popular authors such as Akihiko Usami. Although he worked hard, Ritsu overheard his coworkers talking about the special treatment he was getting for being the owner's son, and that it wasn't really his work but the author's popularity that fueled his success.

Since that wasn't what he wanted, Ritsu left Onodera Publishing to join the literature department at Marukawa Publishing, although he was inadvertently assigned the Emerald shoujo manga department instead as part of his contract.

Ritsu later runs into Saeki, a former coworker from Onodera Publishing who's also moved on to edit manga at Shuudansha. They go for drinks and chat, and she tells him some things she's heard about Masamune Takano. Their friendship later leads Ritsu to meeting her current coworker Arata Haitani.


  • Ritsu Onodera (former editor)
  • Saeki (former editor)
  • Ritsu's unnamed father (owner)
  • Akihiko Usami (author)
  • Ryouichi Sumi (author)


  • Unlike the other major publishers in the series, there is no real-world equivalent to Onodera Publishing.

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