Nanako Saitou (斎藤菜々子, Saitou Nanako) is a minor character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. She is a mangaka for Emerald magazine at Marukawa Publishing. Her editor is Ritsu Onodera.


Saitou has long light-colored hair and dark eyes. The colors of her hair and eyes have not yet been depicted.

At the autograph event, she wears a light-colored coat that buttons up to her throat, a pleated skirt, and dark knee-high boots.



Example of Saitou's manga

Saitou has an autograph event at Marimo Books for her new manga series Strawberry Sherbet. Her editor Ritsu Onodera attends with her, along with Masamune Takano and Yoshiyuki Hatori. She also meets Takafumi Yokozawa and Masakazu Henmi from sales there. When she first sees the autograph event table, she's especially pleased with the flower decorations.

Saitou makes a mistake signing one of the covers. Takano and Hatori smooth things over and bring a fresh book for her to sign for the fan. Otherwise, the event seems to go well.


  • Strawberry Sherbet (ストロベリー シャーベット, Sutoroberii Shaabetto)


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