Marukawa Publishing (丸川書店, Marukawa Shoten) is a major publishing company in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. Most of the main characters work for Marukawa, notably the Emerald department.

The company is run by Ryuichiro Isaka, who takes over after his father.



Main article: Emerald

The Emerald Department is in charge of shoujo manga. The editing office is decorated in a girly fashion in hopes of placing themselves in the minds of their mostly female readers. Everyone is the Emerald editing department is male.

Its editors are:

Notable mangaka include:


The Sales Department is in charge of how well both manga and non-manga publications are being sold.

Its known employees are:


The Printing department is in charge of actually printing the publications. They are usually mentioned in the series in regards to getting them to push back their deadlines to accommodate late manuscripts for Emerald magazine. Takano is the editor who initially negotiates with Printing. When Ritsu becomes program director of the Emerald editing department, he takes over negotiating with the printers for later deadlines.

Its known employees are:


  • Akihiko Usami is an author who publishes novels through Marukawa.
  • Nao Kiyomiya is a photographer who is having a book of his work published through Marukawa.



Kadokawa Shoten

  • Marukawa Shoten is based off a real office called Kadokawa Shoten, which is the publisher behind the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series.

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