"Love is Blind" is the ninth episode of the second season in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi anime series. The episode revolves around Kisa Shouta and Kou Yukina.


Kisa is having a hard time concentrating in a meeting, resulting in Takano scolding him for slacking off. Kisa then leaves the room to grab some papers while remembering what he saw the other night, Yukina walking into a hotel district with a girl. While in the elevator, Kisa meets with a worker from the Sapphire who says she is getting married. She tells Kisa that she loves her job and even when she gets married, she still wants to work at Marukawa. She gets off telling Kisa to find his own love already. Before he goes back to the meeting, he receives a text from Yukina. Yukina is unaware of Kisa's appearance the other night and keeps texting. Kisa snaps and tells Yukina to start texting with his "girlfriend". Yukina becomes confused and asks Kisa if everything was alright. Kisa says everything is good and hangs up.

Kisa goes home the following night finding a book he borrowed from Yukina. Frustrated, he knew he would have to confront Yukina to return the book and only wondering what their relationship had been mostly like... which mostly doing only sexual stuff. Kisa gets surprised only receiving a call from an unknown number. The person was later revealed as Ichimura. A man Kisa had met in a club in Shibuya. Ichimura later asked if Kisa wants to "hang out" with him. Kisa says yes and asked if he can stay at his place. Ichimura says that he can.

Ichimura appears in Kisa's front door and asked Kisa if he's been doing well with his studying, making Kisa remember that he lied to him and told him that he was an eighteen year old in school in order to sleep with him. Ichimura later asked what's with the long pause and tries to kiss Kisa, only making Kisa push him away asking what he was doing. Ichimura later says that he won't do anything, making Kisa realized that his relationship with Yukina was over. Confronting Ichimura, Yukina stops him. Kisa shocked to see him, gets slapped by Yukina and tells Ichimura to leave, making Ichimura mad and kick Kisa's front door.

Kisa tells Yukina the truth about the other night. Then telling Yukina to end their relationship. Yukina later tells Kisa that the girl is a friend of his from the university. Yukina wanted to learn how to cook more food but the price was to take her to see a movie. The reason it was so late at night was because she works at a pub while Yukina worked at the bookstore so they only had time to see each other at night. Kisa frustrated tells Yukina that they know nothing about each other, making Yukina tell Kisa about himself and at the end telling him that the person he loves is Kisa. Yukina later asked if they can still keep their relationship since they both made a mistake. He grabs Kisa's hand and tell him if he wants to end their relationship, let go of them. Kisa lets go of Yukina's hand but lands his head onto Yukina's body telling Yukina how he has so much self confidence. Yukina replies because Kisa has too little and Kisa doesn't know who he's in love with. They later kiss telling that they both love each other and kiss while embracing.
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Both apologized

Things settled down with Yukina and Kisa but work was always the same with Kisa. Another due manuscript. Ritsu tells Takano that the printers were coming while Takano tells Ritsu to tell them that Marukawa is gone and they were no longer working there. A delivery man comes and Kisa tells him to come. Work is over and Kisa texts Yukina to cancel plans since it was late. Kisa comes home later at night finding Yukina sitting in his front door. Kisa asked what he was doing and Yukina tells Kisa since they don't see each other as much as they wanted to, Yukina decides to stay as Kisa's place. Yukina tells Kisa that he will do all the cleaning and cooking and Kisa tells him he doesn't need to.


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