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Kazuma Henmi (逸見 和真, Henmi Kazuma) is a character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. He works in the sales department with Takafumi Yokozawa


Henmi has black hair and brown eyes. He has child-like face, and his work attire consists of an aray of business suits.


In the novel, his story is still unknown, they didn't mention too much about him.


Takafumi YokozawaEdit

One of his friends in the sales department, he is able to talk on Yokozawa cheerfuly. Unlike the other salesman, they couldn't talk to Yokozawa too much. Yokozawa is always lecturing Henmi about his mistakes, but he couldn't get scared of Yokozawa he takes Yokozawa's lecture as a compliment.


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