Kanade Mino (美濃奏, Mino Kanade) is a supporting character in Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi.


He has short brown hair and a fair skin tone, usually shown to be something of a quiet and friendly type.

Mino is a fellow editor in the Emerald department and is constantly smiling despite all the stress and exhaustion. It has been hinted that he has a dark side, with Takano saying "Make sure you don't make Mino upset". Despite all that we always see him smile.


Not much is initially known about his life other than his hard work at the company. However, it is eventually revealed how he is so dedicated and consumed by his work that it cost him his marriage to his wife, who left him because they never got to spend time together. Mino has a late sister who died from unknown causes; leaving behind a young son who needed to be cared for. He took the boy, his nephew, in and adopted him. But since he is so busy working, it also begins to affect his relationship with his adopted son, who also wishes to spend more time with him.

In one of the latest chapters, Ritsu comes across the boy throwing a fit in public because Mino doesn't spend enough time together. This is what lead to Mino to decline a given vacation from the company, but Takano offered that Mino could take his son with him if he wished to. After his nephew ran away during a vacation with Mino's coworkers, Ritsu is able to talk to the boy and help push him to talk about how he felt with Mino. Now that Mino better understood how his nephew was feeling, the two were able to begin patching up their relationship.



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