Kaitou (皆藤, Kaitou) is a minor character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. She is a mangaka for Emerald magazine at Marukawa Publishing. Her editor is Masamune Takano before being handed over to Ritsu Onodera.


Kaitou is has short medium-dark hair and dark eyes. When she meets Takano and Ritsu, she is wearing a jacket with a fur trim. Her official coloring is not yet known.


In "The Case of Ritsu Onodera No.11," Takano decides that Ritsu is ready for a third mangaka to manage and assigns him Kaitou. As part of the transfer, Takano and Ritsu make an overnight business trip to meet with her. She lives in the Touhoku region, the Northeastern region of Japan's main island, which is a five-hour train ride from Tokyo.

Kaitou meets them at the train station. Ritsu tries too hard to impress her but comes off as awkward and Takano teases him a bit. She had gotten to the train station early and went shopping, and Takano acts the gentleman and offers to hold her shopping bags for her, which irritates Ritsu. They work over dinner and get their work done. After dinner, fireworks are going off, and Kaitou explains that it's the last day of a local festival. They part for the evening with Kaitou leaving for her car.


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