"Go to the sea, If you would fish well" is the sixth episode of the Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi anime series. The episode revolves around the couple Yoshiyuki Hatori and Chiaki Yoshino.


After an onsen trip, Chiaki is burned out and can hardly concentrate on work, desperate and frantic to finish on time. Meanwhile, the emerging love triangle between him, Hatori and Yuu compounds his inability to focus as well as. Knowing his relationships with both Hatori and Yuu mean the most to him, Chiaki tries to figure out what each one means to him. Later on, in Chiaki's apartment, Hatori informs him that he must attend an upcoming party because his manga will be made into an anime and he must meet the people in charge. Hatori offers to pick a suit for Chiaki, but Chiaki prefers to go shopping with Yuu instead, sparking jealousy in Hatori, which further puzzles him. 

After Yuu leaves, Hatori tries to kiss Chiaki, upon which Chiaki pushes Hatori away. He feels that Hatori is moving too fast and wants their relationship to slow down a bit. This upsets Hatori and he leaves, causing even more tension among the group. 

Chiaki meets Ritsu ep06

Chiaki meets Ritsu Onodera

During the party, after meeting the anime staff, Chiaki meets Ritsu Onodera and they both exchange buisness cards. Ritsu is suprised to find out that Chiaki is actually a man, but remains polite towards him. He tells him to enjoy the party. Chiaki tells Hatori it is amazing that young people work in such a large company. Hatori tells Chiaki that Ritsu was one of Akihiko Usami's previous editors, which shocks Chiaki.

Erika Ichinose laughing with Hatori

Erika and Hatori talking at the party

Hatori is later surrounded by many women, including Erika Ichinose, a top writer who is known to have taken a particular liking to Hatori. All that is known that they have been out together as friends, but that things are suspected to look more like a date. Chiaki, feeling that Hatori is more than a bit comfortable with the writer, becomes jealous as he watches Hatori and Erika together. As Yuu also backs up that Hatori and Erika have a thing going on, it brings Chiaki to promptly leaves the party in a huff. As he leaves, Yuu and Hatori witness this and watch him. 

Chiaki and Hatori argue ep06

Chiaki and Hatori argue

Hatori eventually arrives at Chiaki's place because he still needs to discuss some corrections with Chiaki's manga. Chiaki smells perfume on Hatori and becomes angry, resulting in a fight. Hatori reassures Chiaki otherwise and also confesses his jealousy about Chiaki and Yuu, feeling that Chiaki favors Yuu over him; such as choosing to go shopping with Yuu. Chiaki also reassures him that isn't the case - he simply likes doing certain things with Yuu as he also prefers doing certain things with Hatori.

Chiaki and Hatori make up ep06

Chiaki and Hatori make up

When Hatori brings up how Chiaki rejected his earlier kiss, Chiaki explains that was only because he took him by surprise and needs a heads up if they are going to kiss and such. Hatori asks if now was okay and Chiaki, after a moment of surprise, says yes. As they kiss, Hatori tells him that he loves him and will continue to tell him until he can never forget. Chiaki says he will do the best he can in their new relationship as they continue to kiss. They then fall back onto the couch as the scene cuts away. 

Chiaki embarrassed that Yuu told Hatori what he said ep06

Chiaki embarrassed at the end of the episode

The morning after, Hatori is cleaning dishes as Chiaki is laying back in a chair at the kitchen table in exhaustion and sleepy. Yuu comes in and teases Chiaki about asking Yuu if he liked Hatori too, but he admits to Chiaki that he is in love with someone. When Chiaki asks who the person is, he simply says that Hatori knows the person well, giving Hatori a sly smile. This leaves Chiaki puzzled and confused.

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  • The Marukawa Publishing New Year's Party, and the first meeting between Chiaki and Ritsu, is later retold in the season two episode Actions Speak Louder Than Words. That episode shows the party from Ritsu Onodera's perspective.
  • Akihiko Usami, a main character in Junjou Romantica, makes a cameo appearance in this episode. It's his first non-flashback appearance in the series.



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