Erika Ichinose (一之瀬絵梨佳, Ichinose Erika) is a minor character in the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series. She is a popular mangaka working for the shoujo manga department Emerald at Marukawa Publishing.


Erika has blue eyes and long, light brown hair that she styles in loose curls. Yuu Yanase describes her as being pretty.

At the New Years Party, she dresses in a long blue dress with a white shawl. When she meets up with Masamune Takano to discuss work, she wears a white top with a blue cardigan.


Erika is friendly with her editors and seems to be dedicated to her job, and she meets up with her editors over dinner or drinks to discuss work. Yanase claims he's heard that she's trying to hook up with one of the Emerald editors, Yoshiyuki Hatori, although Yanase might have been exaggerating her work relations to make Chiaki Yoshino lose interest in Hatori. She also meets up with another editor, Masamune Takano, for dinner to discuss work.

Being a star author, Erika is apparently wealthy.


The Case of Chiaki Yoshino Edit

Erika attends the New Year's Party where she has a conversation with Hatori. The conversation seems pleasant, with them both smiling and laughing, and at one point she places a hand on his shoulder. Chiaki later describes this as Erika being "all over him," although Hatori insists it's just work.

Yuu Yanase and Chiaki Yoshino see them talking together, and Yuu says that she's been trying to hook up with Hatori by inviting him out to eat and taking him out to bars to discuss work. Chiaki gets jealous and decides to leave the party, accompanied by Yuu. Upon seeing Chiaki leaving, Hatori abruptly excuses himself from his conversation with Erika to go after Chiaki. Erika also steps out a moment later to see what's going on, and Yuu points this out to Hatori. Hatori ends up staying at the party, and he apparently continues his conversation with Erika.

Erika wears perfume at the party. The scent rubs off on Hatori enough for Chiaki to notice when he sees him later. Upset by this, Chiaki confronts Hatori about what's going on with them, but Hatori reassures him it's just work.

The Case of Ritsu Onodera Edit

Erika meets Takano one evening at a restaurant. Takano runs into Ritsu Onodera on the way to her table, and Ritsu is catching up with his former coworker Saeki. Erika waves Takano over for their meeting. Ritsu is under the impression that this is a date, and Takano has similar suspicions about Ritsu and Saeki. Takano later explains to Ritsu that Erika is one of their authors and it was just a work meeting.



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