Emerald (エメラルド, emerarudo) is the name of a monthly shoujo manga magazine published by Marukawa Publishing; it is also the name of the department that works on the magazine.

The Emerald editing department is where several of the main characters of the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi series work, and it is notably where Ritsu Onodera re-encounters Masamune Takano at the beginning of the series.


Emerald magazine

Monthly Emerald magazine

Emerald magazine used to have very poor rankings. Then Takano became it's editor-in-chief and within a year turned it into a top-rated magazine. This has given Takano a reputation of being an amazing editor.

The magazine features Tinkle as the mascot.


Manga stories published in Emerald include:

  • Lyrical Ririko (リリカル☆りりこ, Ririkaru Ririko)[1]
  • Love Star (ラブスタ, Rabu Suta) by Yukina Mutou, edited by Ritsu Onodera.[2]
  • Girl's Master (ガールズマスター) by Kana Morimoto, edited by Shouta Kisa.
  • Strawberry Sherbet (ストロベリー シャーベット, Sutoroberii Shaabetto) by Nanako Saitou, edited by Ritsu Onodera.[3]

Editing DepartmentEdit

94% of an editor's job is to take the manuscript from the author, who doesn't want to hand it in, by any means necessary! And making the printer wait until the very last and final minute, and forcing the manuscript into the production.


The Emerald editing department (エメラルド編集部, emerarudo henshuubu) is the team that edits Emerald magazine and the shoujo manga volumes. They are also informally called "the maiden club" and "the hot guy collection."

The editors are said to do their job on a "cycle" which is compared to the 20-day Japanese radish harvesting cycle. At the beginning of the cycle, everyone is happy and upbeat and everything is pink. But the stress of getting everything done near the end of the cycle leaves everyone exhausted and stressed and gloomy.

Takano keeps the department decorated with shoujo manga imagery including bright pink colors, flower designs, and toys such as giant teddy bears.


  • Masamune Takano - editor-in-chief, he manages Erika Ichinose, Iori Satou, and Kagawa.
  • Ritsu Onodera - the newest member, later program director,[2] he manages Yukina Mutou, Iori Satou, and Nanako Saitou.
  • Yoshiyuki Hatori - second editor-in-chief, he manages Chiaki Yoshino (aka Chiharu Yoshikawa).
  • Shouta Kisa - he manages Natsu Kihara, Yoko Mizushima, Kana Morimoto, and Yamada.
  • Kanade Mino

Manga DepartmentEdit

The mangaka are the authors/artists who create the content for Emerald magazine.

Their work begins with a storyboard that must be approved by the editors. Sometimes the editors need changes that the mangaka are resistant to doing.


  • Chiaki Yoshino (under the pen-name Chiharu Yoshikawa) - his editor is Hatori.
  • Yukina Mutou - her editor was previously Hatori, and is currently Ritsu.
  • Erika Ichinose - her editor is Takano.
  • Nanako Saitou - her editor is Ritsu.
  • Iori Satou - her editor is Takano at first, and later Ritsu.
  • Kaitou - her editor is Takano at first, and later Ritsu.
  • Natsu Kihara - her editor is Kisa.
  • Yoko Mizushima - her editor is Kisa.
  • Sasahara[4]
  • Nakajima[4]
  • Kana Morimoto - her editor is Kisa.
  • Kagawa - her editor is Takano.
  • Yamada - her editor is Kisa.


  • Yuu Yanase - he is Chiaki's main assistant, but he has also assisted Nakajima.


  • Emerald magazine is a parallel to the real-world magazine The Ruby in which the series Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi was first published.
  • A real magazine Emerald launched in 2014, named after the fictional Emerald magazine. This is the magazine in which Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and it's parent series Junjou Romantica are both currently published.


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