"Delay in Love is Dangerous" is the fourth episode of the second season of the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi anime series. The episode revolves around the couple Yoshiyuki Hatori and Chiaki Yoshino.


The episode starts with Chiaki and Hatori in Chiaki's bedroom. Chiaki is waking up in bed just as Hatori comes out of the bathroom, putting on a shirt and tie. He suggests that Chiaki bathe as well, but Chiaki dismisses this. When Hatori points out how he is covered in sweat and could catch a cold, Chiaki blushes and throws a pillow at him. When seeing Hatori dressing, he asks in disappointment if he is not staying over.

Hatori replies that he needs to be able to work in the morning, but Chiaki says that since they live the same distance from work then he should just stay. However, Hatori says that if he stays then "[he] won't want to leave in the morning". When Chiaki asks why, Hatori simply answers by asking if Chiaki doesn't want him to leave. Chiaki blushes, not answering. He continues to blush as Hatori proceeds to kiss him and pushes him down onto the bed. As Hatori's tie is tossed onto the floor, the scene switches to the following morning. 

Waking up, Chiaki is tired and sleepy. He finds a note Hatori left in a dresser, asking him to finish the storyboard soon and to use his time wisely. He is annoyed at the latter comment, remarking to himself how Hatori has been the person whom he's spending all his time with. As he watches TV in boredom, he calls Yuu to see if he could hang out. Yuu brings up how he promised to go to Yufuin together. Chiaki doesn't recall making a promise, but still fails to turn him down. After the call, he contemplates whether Yuu's confession of love was a joke or not. He decides it was real and finds himself again conflicted over Hatori and Yuu over both wanting him for themselves. 

Chiaki then gets a call from Hatori, who asks to go see a movie together. Chiaki excitedly agrees, wondering what he is getting all happy about. However, Hatori later calls to cancel due to a mishap at work involving the printers. Chiaki finds himself strangely disappointed and upset, also realizing how he is lost doing simple house things like cooking and finding band aids. He then decides to simply go out by himself. As he walks around, he stumbles upon Hatori talking to a woman and hides to observe them. He justifies the action by saying the woman could be an Emerald manga worker and can't find out who he is, continuing to watch them from afar. 

Chiaki realizes that the woman is Hatori's old high school girlfriend. Upon realizing this, Chiaki becomes angry and wonders what Hatori is doing talking with an ex-girlfriend. When seeing the woman stroke Hatori's hair and Hatori smiling at her, Chiaki finds himself further upset and leaves. As he does, he gets a call from Hatori. He tells Chiaki how he's sorry about cancelling, but he finished earlier than he thought and is going to make dinner. However, Chiaki is deeply angry about what he saw and, believing Hatori is lying to him to spend time with an old flame, snaps at him not to bother and furiously ends the call. 

He then gets a call from Yuu and initially snaps at him, believing him to be Hatori. Yuu laughs in amusement and concludes Chiaki and Hatori are in a fight. Chiaki then arranges to meet up with Yuu and to stay over. Meanwhile, Hatori is trying to get into touch with Chiaki, who has turned off his phone. Once at Yuu's home, Yuu remarks to Chiaki how he brought over too much alcohol for just the two of them. Chiaki, however, begins to drown his feelings in alcohol. Yuu suggests that he slow down and asks what happened, offering that he can vent if he wants. 

Chiaki asks if he remembers Hatori and his old girlfriend. Yuu remarks how Hatori had several girlfriends, but they soon remember the girl to be Sanae Hoshino. Yuu remembers her because, in his personal opinion, she had a rare physical appearance and was very pretty. Chiaki recalls how during high school, Hatori and her had been voted as best couple. However, Hatori had broken up with her for seemingly no reason. When Chiaki had asked him why, he simply responded by staying silent.

When Yuu accurately guesses that Hatori was with Hoshino and suggests that he is romantically seeing her for the sake of "healing" himself from the stress of his hard job, Chiaki reacts by angrily shouting that Hatori isn't that type of person. As he lets Yuu draw him, Chiaki contemplates that if it is "healing" that Hatori wants, then whether or not he is good enough for him. As he doubts that he is good for Hatori in general because he only ever stresses him out, he wonders whether friends can truly become lovers or not.

As he also wonders if Hatori has finally just lost patience and given up on him, Yuu gets a phone call. It becomes clear that Hatori is the one calling, and Yuu soon says how he loves Chiaki and is finally going to make him "his". This statement renders Chiaki absolutely shocked. After he returns, however, Yuu waves off what he said as a joke. But, he soon admits that he was actually serious about what he said and that he really does love him. Yuu then pins Chiaki down onto the ground and says that he is better for him than Hatori, soon kissing him. Greatly uncomfortable with the kiss, Chiaki pushes Yuu away. However, Yuu is insistent that Chiaki at least try to return the physical affection. 

Yuu then recalls falling in love with Chiaki on his first day in his first year in middle school after transferring, remembering how the physical structure of his hands were "exactly [his] type", how they had a love for the same entertainment - he's been in love with Chiaki ever since. However, he always hated that Hatori was always around Chiaki and that they both hate each other due to their love for him. But, they pretended to get along for Chiaki's sake. Yuu admits how he knows that Chiaki doesn't want to date him, but suggests that they sleep together to see if that will help matters. This suggestion shocks Chiaki, who yells that he doesn't want to be with him like that. 

During this, the door bell begins to ring. However, Yuu ignores it and begins forcing himself onto Chiaki, who resists and protests him. When Yuu doesn't relent, Chiaki punches him. A dejected and shocked Yuu then begins to cry, demanding to know why only Hatori is "good enough" and "why [Hatori]". Chiaki simply says how he doesn't know why, but that Hatori is seemingly "the only one" he can be with like that. Yuu remarks that Chiaki knows why. Just then Hatori storms into the room in an almost blind fury, attacking Yuu and slamming him against the wall. However, Chiaki barely manages to hold him back. As he barely gets Hatori to leave and drags him away, Chiaki tells Yuu that he will call him later. They leave as Yuu sadly stands in rejection.

As Hatori and Chiaki walk back to the latter's home, Chiaki recalls seeing Hatori with Hoshino and becomes angered by that once again. Once inside, Hatori demands to know if Chiaki knew what would happen, who answers that he didn't. He also admits how he didn't believe Yuu had actually been serious about his confession prior to it. Hatori asks if Chiaki turned the confession down, who remarks how it's none of his business. Hatori says it is and accuses Chiaki of being careless around Yuu due to being aware of Yuu's feelings towards him and doing what he did anyway. 

Chiaki, snapping, casts the blame of the situation onto Hatori. He reveals how he saw him meeting up with his ex-girlfriend, demanding not tell him what he saw was nothing and claims to have seen how "intimate" they were together. Hatori explains how Chiaki has it all wrong, telling him how she works at the main office for Emerald's printers, and that meeting her was a mere coincidence. He further says that he could just ask around the office if he didn't believe him and needed proof. This realization causes Chiaki to become greatly embarrassed and blush. 

Hatori asks if he believed him to be the type of person who used work as a cover for cheating. Chiaki says no, but that when he saw the two together he just became infuriated all of a sudden. Hatori is surprised at how honest he's being about his feelings, concluding how that's what sparked Chiaki to head over to Yuu's house. Chiaki then admits how he knows now that Hatori is the only man he wishes to kiss and become intimate with. This realization causes him to see how he must really love Hatori then as well. Hatori is happy to hear this and the two kiss, making up. 

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  • Hiroki and Nowaki from Junjou Romantica are seen in this episode walking together while Chiaki is on the phone. Nowaki is wearing a purple long sleeve and Hiroki is wearing a light blue hoodie.


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