Marukawa Edit

Ritsu Onodera

Main character in the series. Ritsu is hard working and likes to do things his own way. He has vowed to never be in love again. He is currently "dating" Takano Masamune.

Character icon Ritsu

Masamune Takano

Editor-in-Chief of Emerald magazine. He is currently dating Ritsu Onodera.

Character icon Takano

Shouta Kisa

One of Marukawa's older employees. Due to his baby-face, he is mistaken to be younger than his real age. He is currently dating Yukina Kou.

Character icon Kisa

Yoshiyuki Hatori

A hardworking editor. He is very attractive to women. He is currently dating Chiaki Yoshino.

Character icon Hatori

Kanade Mino

One of the Emerald editors. He often smiles, even in highly stressful situations, although Takano suggests never making him angry.

Ryuichiro Isaka

Takafumi Yokozawa

Marukawa's Wild Horse. He works at the Sales Department and was in love with Takano. He is currently dating Zen Kirishima.

Character icon Yokozawa

Zen Kirishima

Editor of Japun magazine at Marukawa. He is currently dating Takafumi Yokozawa.

Character icon Kirishima


Works in printing.


Kazuma Henmi

Works in sales, a coworker of Takafumi Yokozawa.

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Yasuda Gou

A close friend and coworker of Zen Kirishima. He works in anime production.

Yasuda Gou

Kaoru Asahina

Ryuichiro Isaka's assistant.


Sanae Hoshino

Works in printing. Hatori's ex-girlfriend from high-school.

Sanae Hoshino


Chiaki Yoshino (aka Chiharu Yoshikawa)

One of the most popular mangaka in Marukawa. He uses a different pen name so many think he is a woman. Only a few know he is male. He is currently dating Yoshiyuki Hatori.

Character icon Chiaki

Yuu Yanase

Childhood friend of Chiakis. He is a mangaka assistant and is in love with Chiaki. Yuu knows about Hatori's feelings for Chiaki.

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Mutou Yukina

A well-known mangaka in Marukawa.


Nanako Saitou

A very popular mangaka for women.


Erika Ichinose

A star mangaka of Emerald magazine.

Erika Ichinose

Iori Satou

A mangaka who does a last minute manuscript for Emerald.



A mangaka for Emerald. Ritsu becomes her editor.



Arata Haitani

A manga editor at Shuudansha. He and Takano previously worked together when Takano was still working at Shuudansha.



A former employee of Onodera Publishing who used to work with Ritsu. She and Ritsu remain friends. She currently works with Arata Haitani at Shuudansha.



Kou Yukina

A T University student of art. He workes at a bookstore and is a fan is Kisa Shouta's works. Yukina is currently dating Kisa Shouta.

Character icon Yukina


The main mascot of the series.


An Kohinata

Ritsu's EX-fiancee. She is some-what aware of Ritsu's relationship with Takano.



A man who Kisa has dated long before Kisa meet Yukina. Who doesn't give up on Kisa.


Chinatsu Yoshino

Chiaki's younger sister. She has a crush on Hatori.


Yoriko Yoshino

Mother of Chiaki and Chinatsu. Unaware of her son's relationship with Hatori, she wants Chiaki to find a girlfriend and start a family.


Rio Kojima

One of Yukina's friends from the university. She may have feelings for Yukina.


Nao Kiyomiya

Former roommate of Ritsu when Ritsu studied abroad. He does not like Takano, believing Takano merely used Ritsu. He is a photographer.


Hiyori Kirishima

Zen Kirishima's daughter.


Akihiko Usami

A popular author. Ritsu Onodera used to edit his novels at Onodera Publishing.



A cat Masamune Takano found and adopted while in high school. Takafumi Yokozawa later adopted Sorata when Takano was having trouble, and he later gave the cat to Hiyori Kirishima.


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