"After a Storm Comes a Calm" is the twelfth and final episode of the first season of the Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi anime series. The episode revolves around Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano.


Meeting Ryouichi Sumi and the advice from Hasegawa have put doubt into Ritsu Onodera's heart. He remembers the reason he transferred to Marukawa and wonders if he can continue to work as a manga editor. While he is struggling, Masamune asks if he wants to transfer to the literature department. A call from an author interrupts Onodera's thoughts, and the author expresses her gratitude for his work and gives him encouragement, saying how glad she is to have him as her editor. Ritsu relays her praise to Masamune, who further shows his approval of Onodera's work. He also assures him that, personal feelings aside, he is doing good. 


Onodera and Takano's moment interrupted by Mutou's call.

After the call, Onodera tells Takano that he was praised while Takano tells him how the praise of the author you are working with is one of the highest praises an editor can ever get. Also, he takes note how that moment is the first time he has looked directly at Takano's face. While leaving, Onodera stops Takano and tells him thank you. Takano notices blood on Onodera's leg due to the incident when he tripped back at the library stairway. Takano, glad to help treat the wound, forcefully drags Onodera into his apartment while Onodera tells him that Yokozawa was in there. Takano later tells him that he left to a business trip to Kyushu Kyushu first thing in the morning so he left a couple hours prior.


Takano kissing Ritsu on the cheek.

Takano tells Onodera to wait in the apartment. Onodera briefly wonders whether he should lock the door, but soon decides against it. The scene later switches to Takano cleaning his wound. While at Onodera's place, Takano tells Onodera the history between him and Yokozawa. As Onodera is immersed in his own thoughts about the two, Takano once again confesses his love for Onodera and simply asks him to "stop running away". Takano begins forcing kisses onto Onodera, until Onodera finds himself unable to resist Takano's touch any longer and finally gives in to his repressed emotions. 

Just as Onodera finally gives in and begins returning the intimacy, they are interrupted by a call from Mutou, effectively killing their moment. Onodera, as he takes the call, tells Takano to leave on by writing the request on a piece of paper. Before he leaves, Takano kisses Onodera and leaves, leaving the younger man speechless. Mutou then asks Onodera if he is okay. He says he thinks he is okay, but is still deeply thinking about Takano.

Onodera later goes into work, fully prepared having decided to stay in manga editing.


  • Ritsu attempts to confess his love to Takano for the first time after ten years.
  • Takano calls Ritsu by his first name for the first time.
  • There is no glossary term at the end of the episode.



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