"A good beginning makes a good ending" is the first episode of the second season of the Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi anime series. The episode revolves around the couple Ritsu Onodera and Masamune Takano.


The episode starts by Onodera yelling at the editors that today is the deadline, but no one seems to be listening to him. The reason why he was yelling at the editors was because he was made the program director of the magazine, and he has to regulate the production schedule up to the magazine's release date. He is sitting upset and thinking that they are just screwing him. Then someone brings Onodera Mutou's newest book which he edited, which will be in stores after a week or so. On his way home, he thinks about the night when Takano came into his house and confessed his love to him.


Ritsu getting drunk

After one week, Onodera goes to store to check on how the sales are going, but he unexpectedly encounters Yokozawa (who is annoyed with him for the task he is doing since it isn't his job). Yokozawa then introduces him to the shopkeeper of the store. Onodera apologizes to Yokozawa for intruding on his work and realizing his error. However, Yokozawa changes the topic and again warns Onodera to stay away from Takano. On his way home, he comes to the belief that he doesn't truly know anything about Takano. The next day, Takano tells Onodera that the book that he edited is selling well in the stores and says that he wants to celebrate his success, but Onodera refuses.

On his way home, he gets a call from Takano saying that he finished some shopping and will celebrate with him at his apartment. Onodera tries to avoid him upon realizing that he is directly in front of the store that Takano is in, attempting to run away. However, Takano quickly steps out, having already seen him, and gets a hold of him before dragging him back to his place to celebrate regardless of his protests. Onodera ends up getting drunk and asks Takano not to harass him because he is supposedly going out with Yokozawa. Takano asks him not to jump to such conclusions and they end up confessing their feelings for one another. After an emotionally intimate moment, they have sex.


Ritsu drunkenly confessing his feelings to Takano.

The next day, Onodera wakes up and finds himself naked in Takano's bed along with various hickeys, but doesn't remember a thing after getting drunk. When Takano realizes that Onodera doesn't remember what they said or did together, he calls him "the worst". Onodera gets up only to suddenly realize that he has deep pain in his backside and hips. This causes him to theorize that he may have slept with Takano the previous night, but refuses to believe such an event could have happened.

Onodera tries to blow off anything that may have happened the night before, even attempting to believe it was all in Takano's head. However, Takano tells Onodera that he knows that he likes him more than he claims to. Onodera is confused by this statement, to which Takano tells him to remember the night before for his answer. Onodera waves this off and leaves Takano's apartment to head to his own apartment to think.

Once home, Onodera starts thinking about last night and tries to remember any possible details. Despite realizing the rather clear and blunt evidence that he had sex with Takano, he continues to refuse to believe it happened. The episode ends by Onodera chanting, "This is not love," over and over again to himself. 

Trivia Edit

  • The glossary term at the end of the episode is: "Marukawa Publishing".


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